It's an exciting day at Cherney Micro!

Posted by Amanda Matczynski on Feb 28, 2014 5:25:00 PM

In our continuing effort to help provide knowledge to companies to help mitigate their risk, we are excited to announce the launch our first blog!  “Inside the Petri Dish” will contain a variety of topics including sharing and discussion on industry trends, addressing frequently asked questions and providing an inside look into our “world of microorganisms.”.   What is our goal – simply to become a greater resource to you and your company.   We intend to share our experiences and knowledge to help you evaluate your own systems and look for continuous improvement opportunities  just as we do.    

Cherney is asked regularly our thoughts on finished product sampling plans, environmental sampling devices, techniques, etc.  We will address these and similar topics in upcoming blogs but quickly wanted to provide an answers to the “5 W’s (Who, What, When, Where, Why) regarding Cherney.

  • Who: Cherney Microbiological Services, Ltd. is a woman-owned ISO 17025 and 17043 accredited testing laboratory located in northeastern Wisconsin.  Visit our website @
  • What: Perform routine testing for companies across multiple industries for a variety of items including pathogenic, indicator, and spoilage organisms.  Many of our customers fall within  the following categories:  dairy,  ingredients, vegetable, pharmaceutical/nutritional, meat, paper, water/wastewater, etc.   Special projects (challenge, shelf-life, inoculation studies) are also a specialty.
  • When: The business started in June 1989 and we  will be celebrating our 25th year anniversary in just a few months!
  • Where: Located in the heart of the dairy industry and home of the Green Bay Packers - Green Bay, WI!
  • Why: In short – it’s the passion for food safety and providing exceptional customer service that drove Debra Cherney to start Cherney Micro 25 years ago.  Debra and her story will be featured in a future blog post!

In closing and keeping anticipation high for new postings:                   

                             Expansion 2011

  • Cherney now offers hands-on technical training workshops at its corporate training facility in Green Bay.  Instructors Debra Cherney and Dr. Kathy Knutson just completed a 2-day classroom and  laboratory session entitled Intro to Food Microbiology – The Basics.  The workshop attendees provided extremely positive feedback and 3 more workshops are scheduled for 2014!   The dates will be posted next week on our training page.
  • Cherney has expanded its chemistry department so exponentially that the floor space allocated to chemistry in the 2011-2012 expansion was not enough.  We now offer nutritional label analysis alongside many wet chemistry methods.  Once considered “Debbie’s hobby”, as Brian Van de Water, Cherney’s General Manager says, it is now a vital and rapidly growing area of Cherney’s business. 


We look forward to sharing out knowledge with you again soon!

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