September Recap - Grand Opening, Training, FSMA and more!

As another month comes to a close for Cherney- we’ve had the opportunity to celebrate and share with our customer many new and exciting additions in September. This month – we take time to recognize and thank the internal and external customers who make this all possible.

 Cherney – Clovis, NM Grand Opening Celebration:

  • On Wednesday, September 10th, we held our grand opening at our new location in Clovis, NM. As highlighted in previous blogs , our decision to open this new location was strategic in an effort to better serve our customer base within the Southwestern US. 
  • Attended by many members of the community, the Clovis Chamber of Commerce was able to join with an awesome big ribbon and scissors .
  • Our Wisconsin hospitality also traveled down south with the members of our team who distributed free WI Award Winning Brats & “Squeaky” Cheese Curds provided by some local companies.

An Invitation to Join Cherney's Grand Opening Celebration in Clovis!

 It’s official…the equipment is ready, staff are in place and we are set to celebrate the Grand Opening of our new location 412 Mitchell St. in Clovis, New Mexico!

Please come and join us on Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Ribbon cutting with the Clovis Chamber of Commerce will start at 10:15am followed by tours of the facility and history on Cherney Microbiological Service’s past 25 years.

A free “Taste Of Wisconsin” will also be offered featuring award-winning bratwursts from Northeastern Wisconsin, fresh “squeaky” cheese curds and other local favorites.All we can say is YUM!!

Please come and join Debra Cherney, Owner/President/Director of Microbiology and her team during this exciting event!  We hope to see you there!

Cherney was also able to work with the Clovis/Curry County Chamber of Commerce to launch a press release providing information to various outlets and within the community. . 

Grand Opening Press Release


Come Visit Us @ IAFP 2014!

An annual stop on Cherney's yearly trade show visits is the IAFP Annual Meeting.  Traveling to various cities throughout the Untied States, it provides us with a unique opportunity to experience local favorites and meet with both current and potential customers, vendors and old friends!  This is one of our favorite shows as it's full of our favorite topics: pathogenic organisms, rapid methods, industry trends and what's new in the world of food safety.  Attending this year are Debra Cherney, Stewart Larsen and Mandy Robinson - come meet them at our booth #657!

Announcing Our Second Location...."Cherney Clovis!"

It has been an awesome start to 2014 here at Cherney and just about a month ago - we proudly announced the opening of our second location in Clovis, New Mexico!  Our new location known as “Cherney – Clovis” will be an expansion of our laboratory testing operations here in Green Bay with a grand opening date of scheduled for August 1st  2014.

Clovis Announcement!

 First, you most likely will ask, “Where is Clovis ( and why locate here?” The answer is actually very simple. 

  • Where- Clovis is located on the eastern side of New Mexico – 15 minutes from the Texas border, approximately 3.5 hours from Albuquerque, NM.
  • Why - It helps us to strengthen our partnerships with companies located in the Southwestern United States as well as meeting the  strategic goals of Cherney's long term outlook.

And the winner from the International Cheese Technology Expo is .....

This last week Cherney Microbiological Services, Ltd. participated as a vendor in the 2014 International Cheese Technology Expo (ICTE) in Milwaukee, WI. The 3-day event gave the cheese makers throughout the world a chance to showcase their products & skills, learn of the latest technological advances, and meet or spend time with their friends throughout the dairy industry. We would like to thank all those who stopped by our booth to talk or introduce themselves for the first time.   Although the highlight of the event was the time spent with colleagues during the receptions and sampling the award winning cheeses, the many attendees gave us a chance to reflect and look towards the future of this great industry!

Food Safety Workshops, Continuing Education and Training

I am frequently asked why I think basic education, continuing education and technical training is important and how it benefits both company and employee.   It’s the continuous improvement ‘bones’ in me that makes me not only want to improve myself, but improve others around me.  I think that’s done through knowledge and learning and that’s why I feel so strongly about education and training.   At Cherney, we’ve always been a group of geeky learners (note the picture of "Sid the Science Kid" from PBS who I watch with my 2.5 year old granddaughter).  We all just can’t seem to get enough!  

It's an exciting day at Cherney Micro!

In our continuing effort to help provide knowledge to companies to help mitigate their risk, we are excited to announce the launch our first blog!  “Inside the Petri Dish” will contain a variety of topics including sharing and discussion on industry trends, addressing frequently asked questions and providing an inside look into our “world of microorganisms.”.   What is our goal – simply to become a greater resource to you and your company.   We intend to share our experiences and knowledge to help you evaluate your own systems and look for continuous improvement opportunities  just as we do.    

Cherney is asked regularly our thoughts on finished product sampling plans, environmental sampling devices, techniques, etc.  We will address these and similar topics in upcoming blogs but quickly wanted to provide an answers to the “5 W’s (Who, What, When, Where, Why) regarding Cherney.

  • Who: Cherney Microbiological Services, Ltd. is a woman-owned ISO 17025 and 17043 accredited testing laboratory located in northeastern Wisconsin.  Visit our website @
  • What: Perform routine testing for companies across multiple industries for a variety of items including pathogenic, indicator, and spoilage organisms.  Many of our customers fall within  the following categories:  dairy,  ingredients, vegetable, pharmaceutical/nutritional, meat, paper, water/wastewater, etc.   Special projects (challenge, shelf-life, inoculation studies) are also a specialty.
  • When: The business started in June 1989 and we  will be celebrating our 25th year anniversary in just a few months!
  • Where: Located in the heart of the dairy industry and home of the Green Bay Packers - Green Bay, WI!
  • Why: In short – it’s the passion for food safety and providing exceptional customer service that drove Debra Cherney to start Cherney Micro 25 years ago.  Debra and her story will be featured in a future blog post!