Staying Ahead of the Game through Continuous Improvement

Posted by Amanda Matczynski on Sep 8, 2016 11:02:08 AM


One of the few constants in the world. 

It has never been more evident than now in Food Safety.  With the implementation of FSMA requirements comes new challenges; and the need to manage change becomes even more critical.  How are you managing this demand?


Most of us have objectives around Continuous Improvement through tools such as Lean Methodology, problem solving, and strategic action plans.  Most of us can point to those plans and show we are “working” on it.  Where companies and individuals often fall short is not scheduling time and planning to make these initiatives a priority.  Every job will consume as much time as you are willing to give it.  You may still fall short of effectively managing and implementing change… if you don’t schedule time for your key change initiatives.  Many objectives are relatively short and quick, but can still be late if you don’t consciously make them a priority and commit to accomplishing them.  Others have more daunting deliverables and many milestones to achieve success.

Every member of an organization has importance to the team’s success.  Reflect on how you are performing and make the time to plan your success.  As you prepare for FSMA and uncover CCP’s that may need shoring up, let Cherney’s expert resources support your efforts.  Out team of FSPCA Certified Instructors, technical resources, and laboratory staff are ready to assist you with developing and implementing your plans to ensure success.

As always, we thank you for your business and look forward to developing new and strengthening existing partnerships as we all navigate the world of change.

Topics: FSMA, Food Safety, Strategic Planning,, continuous improvement