Nutritional Analysis

At Cherney, we’re committed to bringing on new technology and expanding our current test offerings to fit the needs of our customers.  We are excited to be able to now provide Nutritional Label Analysis.  To perform the testing, results are provided in excel format with  turn-around-time is 10 business days.  Additional timeline can be met if discussed with our technical staff.

Nutritional Label Analysis $900.00
Total Fat  
Saturated Fat  
Trans Fat  
Total Carbohydrate  
Dietary Fiber  
Vitamin A  
Vitamin C  

**Individual test pricing available on request

Optional Assays
Vitamin E $123.50
Magnesium $44.20
Phosphorus $44.20
Potassium $44.20
Zinc $54.60
Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids $260.00

What is nutritional labeling?

A nutrition label panel is developed by analyzing a finished food product for specific components that are mandated to be reported or available to a normal consumer.   It is recommended that several lots or batches be composited together to be able to obtain a representative sample for analysis. Results are then generated according to the regulations and serving size requested by the customer.

Regulation related to nutritional food labeling can be found by referencing section 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations on the FDA website.

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