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Cherney Microbiological Services, LTD.

Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, we find ourselves deeply interwoven in the heart of America's Dairyland. As of May 2021, Cherney became a part of Matrix Sciences International Inc. to better serve our valued clients and to expand our lab testing capabilities.

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Microbiological Services

 From A to Z, we have a vast number of microbiological tests to run for your product.
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Analytical/Chemical Services

Looking to ensure your product does not contain too much fat or enough calcium? We have the testing for you!
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Proficiency Programs

 Need to ensure your technicians are precise and accurate with your internal results? Participate in our Proficiency Programs!
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Unable to travel for in-person training courses? Easy fix!
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Looking for a good read? Our team provides education and informative blogs on a regular basis.
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Cherney College

 Looking to continue your team's education? We provide in-person courses with subject matter relevant to your business
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 Need to perform a shelf-life study, or stress test a new product? Our team can help you set it up and run it through.
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Full Nutritional Testing

 Have a new product that needs a Nutritional Panel performed? Not a problem!
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Serial Dilutions/Understanding Results:

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