5 Key Traits that make YOU a Great Fit for a Career in Food Safety

Posted by Allison Empey on Dec 20, 2016 9:30:00 AM

One of the many KEY responsibilities when working in Food Safety is to provide an accurate result.  This ensures that our customers’ products going out to the public are safe from bacteria and pathogens; organisms that could cause contamination, launch a recall and ultimately be detrimental to the customer and consumer.  

 Here at Cherney, we have developed a Code of Conduct-rules that we as employees are going to live by. We have found that these traits, including a few other ones, are critical to being the right person to work in this industry: Accountable, Integrity, Service Driven, Trustworthy, and the Need to constantly learn.

  • Accountable: All employees need to take pride in their work and to strive to always do the best they can.

  • Integrity: The correct result isn’t always the result the customer would like.  We need to always make sure that we are doing everything possible to produce a good result, and then helping our customer in the event the result creates an issue for them.

  • Service Driven: Our customers depend on us to get them results on time.  That can mean working long hours including holidays and blizzards.  We need to remain focused on making sure the customer gets everything that they need.

  • Trustworthy: Mistakes happen and sometimes the customer feels it.  But we need to be honest about the issue to ensure that it is resolved quickly and accurately. 

  • Need to Constantly Learn: This is a career where you never stop learning.  A new customer or test can provide new challenges.  It is important to take these challenges and turn them into learning opportunities.  Wanting to understand why we do something a certain way can help make the method more understandable, but it also encourages growth in the employee and allows them to share this information to newer technicians. 



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