Announcing Our Second Location...."Cherney Clovis!"

Posted by Amanda Matczynski on May 30, 2014 2:29:59 PM

It has been an awesome start to 2014 here at Cherney and just about a month ago - we proudly announced the opening of our second location in Clovis, New Mexico!  Our new location known as “Cherney – Clovis” will be an expansion of our laboratory testing operations here in Green Bay with a grand opening date of scheduled for August 1st  2014.

Clovis Announcement!

 First, you most likely will ask, “Where is Clovis ( and why locate here?” The answer is actually very simple. 

  • Where- Clovis is located on the eastern side of New Mexico – 15 minutes from the Texas border, approximately 3.5 hours from Albuquerque, NM.
  • Why - It helps us to strengthen our partnerships with companies located in the Southwestern United States as well as meeting the  strategic goals of Cherney's long term outlook.


The history behind the decision stems from a very common conversation that we have with many of our customers whom we have built long lasting, honest relationships.  We are all in the same business – to protect the consumer and improve the world of food safety.  This customer came to us through an open discussion with a challenge/problem.  They were asked to evaluate the cost of bringing in a very expensive piece of equipment to perform testing on samples that currently do in Green Bay.  As we had been performing the testing for some time, we pulled together the numbers and thought – why not bring our services, strengthen our relationship, and help support this customer and others in what we do best.  Thinking lead to brainstorming, brainstorming to discussion, and discussion lead to execution.  Their strategic goals are much the same as ours and although risk is always present, it is a good solid decision. 


Cherney – Clovis also gives us the opportunity to do what talk about every day: grow, challenge & develop our own employees.  In April, we announced internally that Kayla Luedeman accepted the Laboratory Leader position for the new location. Kayla has been with Cherney for almost 2 years and has worked in the Sample Prep Department.  For the past few months, she has been working as the assistant leader role within that department.  Kayla is excited for this new opportunity and we are excited for her! 


It’s our intent to not only bring our services to the Southwest but also share our Culture with those customers.  ‘Culturing Solutions with Knowledge’  is our passion and our expertise and we look forward to extending that in just a few short months!


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