CEO Corner – Putting Your Interest First Every Time

Posted by Debra Cherney on Mar 23, 2017 3:30:36 PM
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In our first edition of our quarterly CEO Corner – we’ve given Founder & CEO the opportunity to share thoughts on any topic. While many of them will be related to food safety, the one below is the perfect piece to awareness to Cherney and just one of the many core values that drives our team day in and day out. Enjoy!

Providing an unmatched level of customer service is the foundation upon which my company was founded.  It is one of the main core values we strive to achieve every single day.  Recently, I experienced an incident personally that reminded me of the importance of this value and how it impacts our continued success. 


As most people today, I recently scheduled time and invested money to receive preventative testing and care.  I believe an ounce of prevention in every aspect of our lives is a good investment; the problem is that I usually don’t apply this to myself.  For a change though, I did.   In mid-January I visited a physician and had some testing performed. Completed my visit, left the clinic and the events of the day went out of sight, out of mind.   For a number of reasons, I got very busy for a couple of weeks and didn’t think about my January appointment or the test results.    Then, the first week of March came and I thought about that visit.  Since I wanted to be sure I hadn’t missed a notification by mail, I made sure I looked everywhere before calling the office.  When I finally reached a human who could actually divulge the information - about me…to me…that I was looking for… I got the nonchalant answer that communication of test results is not a practice they follow anymore and that I should have assumed that “No News is Good News”!  WHAT!  Can’t bother to call or send a letter in the mail, (for my personal record)?  WOW!  What happened to customer service in this situation anyway?  When I asked why I was not told or explained about their ‘lack of communication’ policy they practice, I was told by the manager that there are posters on the wall that explain their practice that I must have missed and it was my fault.

Cherney Microbiological Services is also in the business of providing test results.  While they are not clinical life and death situations, they may very well be business for a business. They directly impact the business’s existence, reputation, and brand. Under all that – they also directly impact food safety which is also at the heart of our business. Although I may not personally answer incoming calls anymore, my company, Cherney Microbiological Services– will always put our customer’s best interest first, without question. Always have and always will.                                   Learn About Cherney


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