Engagement & Empowerment = Happy Employees!

Posted by Karen Welhouse on May 3, 2017 2:43:17 PM

It is not a secret that companies across the county are looking to build their workforce to include motivated and engaged individuals. This leads to two questions: 1) what does this mean for your organization and 2) what does this mean for you?  How does “engagement” and “empowerment” correlate to the actions occurring at your company?  Does it mean having your employee’s interested in what the company is doing?  Giving them the power to come up with changes and implement them?

ABSOLUTELY! It’s our mission here at Cherney to give our employees the opportunity to explore. If they have aspirations of something greater than what they are currently doing, we try our hardest to help them attain those aspirations.  Whether this is learning something new or training in a completely different department, we make it part of their goals for that year and beyond.  We encourage and empower our employees to always look for opportunities for both personal & professional development. 

 We strive to engage our employees in our monthly company-wide meetings. We discuss current events, how and what the company is doing both inside our walls and outside in the community.  We look to empower our employees to share in these meetings by giving presentations to the group. These topics can range from what they are doing in their department to one of our employees running in the Boston Marathon for 25 consecutive years! Congratulations Kathryn!

 Here is the bottom line - engagement and empowerment = happier employees. In January 2017 – an article published in Entrepreneur magazine entitled "Employee Engagement and the Pursuit of Happiness” linked to a Gallup poll stating that only 30% of workers in America are engaged.  This number is drastically low.  Engaged employees have improved productivity.  They strive to have better communication through having their ideas and solutions heard. This in turn reduces overall turnover.

 But our pride and joy is our customer service, not only to our customers which we hold in extremely high regards, but to our own staff. The Cherney Team considers each other customers in our actions and service to the customer begins with service to each other within the company.  We will continue to instill confidence and encourage, engage, and empower our employees to be the best that they can be.

 Employees are what make organizations great – and we truly feel that Cherney is a great place to work now and into the future!  Don't believe us...take a look.
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