In the Spirit of Giving - Thank you!

Posted by Beth Worachek on Nov 26, 2014 1:22:47 PM

With the holidays upon us, we tend to get into the spirit of giving!  Holiday shopping, baking treats to share with family and friends, and generally, presents galore!  This year, as in years past, the "Cherney Micro Family" has chosen a family within our community to assist this holiday season through the Salvation Army.  Our Training Room is beginning to fill with amazing generosity for this family and it is our pleasure to give them a celebration they will not soon forget!


But... giving back is never just a holiday thing for Cherney.  We are pleased to have YOU - Our Wonderful Customers - and to give you the peace of mind that the quality assurance behind your products are in good hands.  We treat each of our customer's with the utmost respect.  Ensuring you receive all of the information necessary to make the choices that in turn give your customers the peace of mind that comes from your brand.  Doesn’t it feel good to have that “Pay-it-forward” mentality!  And that is not something that any of us practice only at the holiday season.  Just as you rely on Cherney year round to deliver, your customers know you will deliver them with a reliable product.

To close and recap on our blog from last month - Coming in 2015, Chereny embarks on expanding our path of giving back through the announcement of our expanded Workshop Schedule. Don’t forget to register your company for the workshops to give your employees the training to continue delivering the best product you can!

Have a blessed and happy holiday with family and friends!


Topics: Education, Training, Customer Service