The ISO Accreditation Journey

Posted by Stacey Drosner Murphy on Feb 27, 2015 1:51:42 PM

"Life’s a journey, not a destination” is a cliché that is frequently heard in various contexts. From Cherney’s perspective, this cliché is also very fitting to describe accreditation. Cherney has been n ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory since early 2010 and we continue to march on our accreditation journey each and every day.

ISO 17025 Scope of Accreditation

In early February 2015, we completed a major leg of this journey as we underwent our first accreditation assessment at our new location in Clovis, New Mexico. This is an exciting time for us as it validates our quality culture at the second facility and it provides our customers with assurance in testing that they associate with Cherney's reputation. It also provides us with some redundancy and back-up in the services we offer which translates to additional peace of mind for our current and future customers.

I am excited about the internal opportunities that this brings Cherney. Even now, while in the midst of working on corrective actions to address items found during the Clovis assessment, we are also using that experience to drive continuous improvements at our Green Bay location. We are able to share knowledge and techniques between locations and grow together through the challenges we face. We look forward to continuing our journey and are proud to be a part of yours.

Ryan Bobholz
Quality Systems Manager & Director of Continuous Improvement


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