The Power of Giving Back - Building Community Involvement for Any Company

Posted by Amanda Matczynski on Oct 21, 2016 4:33:35 PM

Does your workplace encourage employee engagement? If not, it should! Engaged employees are more productive, customer-focused, and profit-generating.  Outside of the workplace, engaged employees become part of a bigger community – one that gives back to those around them.   

Community involvement from the business’s perspective is beneficial and, in many cases, an essential practice in today’s society for companies of all types and sizes. Many businesses include community involvement, or corporate social responsibility, in their marketing plans.  With this in mind, community initiatives (or community giving) should be chosen strategically, both to help strengthen your business, as well as reflect what is important to you and your team.

We are extremely fortunate that in Green Bay we live in a community where “giving back” is a common phrase.  Hundreds of organizations organize volunteers, sponsor events, and bring awareness to challenges facing some in our community.  It’s not unusual to know of 4 or more events going on over the course of one 2-day weekend – and be involved in some way or another in each one of them. 

Cherney’s community giving has taken shape strategically over the last 12 month.  With the development of our Marketing, Public Relations & Community Service Director position in October 2015, we set forward a new goal to becoming more involved outside of the workplace.  Our internal endeavors have always been strong but in a “hidden” sort of way.  With the means to give back more pronouncedly and choose where we want to devote our time, our efforts have grown substantially. 

Habitat July 2016.jpg

From working with children at the Cerebral Palsy (CP) Center, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, sponsoring a “Night at the Laboratory” with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, making and distributing meals atSt. John’s Homeless Shelter, providing childcare for young mothers at House of Hope, or delivering lunches weekly with Meals on Wheels– our opportunities have been endless to give back in just simple ways.  With almost 500 hours logged this year - our internal endeavors continue to move forward, but it is these outward forms of giving back that we are just getting started!

Everyone in every capacity has basic needs.  These “needs” must be met in order to instill security, comfort and hope.  As this ‘season of giving’ is really getting started – take a few minutes, find an opportunity and connect with your company on helping fulfill that basic need for someone in your community!

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