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Your blog resource for education, experience, and a good read!

Cherney Blog: Inside The Petridish

Your blog resource for education, experience, and a good read!

USP 61/62 Testing

USP Product Testing

The “USP” in USP testing is an abbreviation for United States Pharmacopeia. The United States Pharmacopeia is an independent, scientific nonprofit organization that develops standards used to test pharmaceutical raw materials, medicines, dietary supplements, and certain food ingredients. The wide variety of ingredients can include sweeteners, colorants, flavors, fats and oils, infant formula ingredients, processing aids, or preservatives.

Summertime Shipping

It's Summertime In Wisconsin!

And you know what that means??

Warm Weather!


Although we Wisconsinites love the warm summer weather, your samples do not.
Our team here at Cherney has noticed issues with incoming samples in the past so we want to make sure everyone has the best “How to” for sending their samples. The information shared below is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to ensuring that the samples being submitted to the laboratory arrive in the best possible condition. 

A Tip Before You Ship: Environmental Testing!

Environmental Testing
Be in the know, before it goes!
It is important while crafting your Environmental Monitoring Program to consider getting a good representative picture of your production environment. In this blog we’ll be covering areas to target and proper swabs to help you along the way as well as tips for shipping/submitting swabs to your lab.
Your environmental monitoring program shouldn’t only consist of the “easy” areas, they should be monitoring the nooks and crannies, the tough spots to clean because that’s where the bacteria like to hang out. Your environmental program’s goal shouldn’t be to swab areas that won’t have positives, but should rather focus on a “seek out and destroy” technique.

A Tip Before You Ship: Product Testing!

Product Testing
What you need to know, before it goes!
There are many things to consider when you are preparing samples to be sent out to your lab, you’re probably planning out when you’ll send your samples, considering lab test turnaround times, and when you can release and ship your product because time is money, right?! But even before all of that, first and foremost you must consider getting a representative sample to send out to the lab. This largely applies to product sampling but a representative sample is also applicable and important during environmental swabbing too. This blog will be centered on product sampling, representative portions and proper sample collection. Check back in for the next installment, regarding environmental swabbing and environmental swab submission to your lab.