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Cherney Blog: Inside The Petridish

Your blog resource for education, experience, and a good read!

Only 'micro' is in our name - BUT Cherney is so much more!

Posted by Amanda Matczynski on Jun 30, 2015 8:02:55 AM

When you hear Cherney - what is the 1st thing you think of....what do you know us by:
Cherney Micro
Cherney Microbiological
Cherney Microbiological Services, Ltd. or simply...

For our June Blog – we’ve taken a step back and highlighted some of the testing capabilities that our customers may not associate with Cherney or even know that we perform in part because yes - Chemistry is not in our name.

 Although our name might include “microbiological”, that doesn’t mean that chemistry services (including analytical, proximate or other testing) is not within our wheelhouse.  It actually plays a very vital role in much of the daily testing that occurs at our Green Bay facility.  When Cherney planned for and executed our expansion in 2011 (tripling the size of our laboratory) the one department that actually expanded ~300% was the Chemistry Department.  Since that time – here are some of the changes we've made:

  • added additional staff to meet workload demands and meet customer expectations
  • added additional equipment which has allowed us to expand our testing capabilities
  • increased awareness of our expertise specifically in dairy proximate testing through a new training course focused on Chemistry in the Analytical Laboratory - November 2015 

Below is an overview of just some of the testing offerings that we can perform and which of these are also listed on our Chemistry scope of accreditationAnd here are a few more that we have in the validation process:

  • Nitrate and Nitrite testing
  • Aflatoxin (following USDA requirements) 

Don’t also be surprised to receive and email in the next few weeks requesting feedback on some common questions/concerns with your chemistry testing as we are gathering those Q&A opportunities to form the foundation for our FREE Webinar later this summer. 



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