• Laboratory technicians
  • Quality Assurance team members
  • Those responsible for to interpret, discuss and act upon analytical test results
  • Those responsible for nutritional labeling 
Course Registrations


Value of Course
  • Gain an understanding how and why tests are performed 
  • Be able to interpret analytical results
  • Improve lab technique and efficiency
  • Improve result accuracy and consistency 
  • Understand analytical methods and Nutritional Labeling analysis
  • Obtain invaluable tools to improve troubleshooting 

Upcoming Courses

February 19-20, 2020

Regular Registration $995
Early registration and Multiple Attendee discounts apply


Day 1 Sessions

8:30 am to 4:30 pm

  • Impact of Chemistry in the Industry
  • Lab Safety
  • Basic Food Chemistry
  • Fat Analysis
  • Protein Analysis
  • Guest Speaker from FOSS
  • Natamycin Analysis
  • Interactive Lab Observations


Day 2 Sessions

8:30 am to 4:30 pm

  • Ash Analysis
  • Moisture and Water Activity Analysis
  • pH and Titratable Acidity Analysis
  • Salt Analysis
  • Hands on Activities
  • Nutritional Labeling Analysis
  • Lab Observations
  • Other tests, Validation and Proficiency 

"I learned so much that I will be able to carry into my profession that will help me grow into the chemist I want to be."
-Previous course attendee

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