Unfortunately due to COVID-19, all in house Cherney College Courses have been cancelled.
Please contact our Client Services team if you are interested in a virtual training or check our Webinars Page for any upcoming or pre-recording educational opportunities
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Who we recommend attend?

  • Laboratory technicians
  • Quality Assurance team members
  • Those responsible for to interpret, discuss and act upon test results
  • Management

What is the cost for this course?

  • Our webinars are FREE for attendees. We only ask for you to register prior to the day of the webinar to be granted access.

Upcoming Webinars

Salmonella & Listeria:


A detailed look at two of the most prominent and problematic pathogens, Salmonella and Listeria. This webinar will discuss each pathogen in depth regarding understanding the genus and species types, optimal growth conditions, and potential routes of contamination.


Serial Dilutions/Understanding Results:

Precision Matters!
  SerilDilCheck out the Recorded Webinar!

There can be so many questions and variables with plate testing- how many dilutions should I do, how do I make sure all of my techs are doing serial dilutions the same way, how do I record all of this, and what do these results mean?! In this webinar, we will be presenting information covering how to properly prepare serial dilutions during your plating setup. This webinar will also be covering how to use your results from various dilutions to calculate results, along with how to record results.


Pathogen Detection Platforms:

What's the difference?

How do pathogen detecting platforms work, why are there different platforms and what’s the difference? In this webinar we will be discussing the difference between PCR and immunoassay platforms, pros and cons, and highlighting how each platform is able to detect pathogens at the cellular level.


Nutritional Analysis:

What's in a Label?
  fnalabelAugust 11th @ 10am CST

Fiber and sugars and carbs, oh my! Just what does it take to complete testing for a nutrition facts panel? The webinar will be an in depth about each individual chemical analysis test that goes into completing a full nutritional analysis. We will also briefly touch on the changes with the Nutritional Label that have taken effect this year.


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