Reference Method:

  • AOAC 976.26 (M)

Method Description:

  • Sample is saponified in basic medium (KOH) and liberated cholesterol is quantified against a known standard by Gas Chromatography Flame Ionization Detector (GC -FID). 

Amount of Sample Needed for Analysis:

  • Individual test: 100 grams
  • Full Nutritional Analysis: 300 grams

Acceptable Sample Types:

  • Dairy Products
  • General Food Products

Estimated Turn Around Time:
  • Individual Test: 5-6 business days
  • Full Nutritional Analysis: 10-12 business days 

Results Reporting Units:

  • Results are reported as milligrams per 100 grams (mg/100g) 

Other Information

  • Dietary cholesterol is only found in food products derived from animals such as dairy products, egg yolks and meat products.