Frequently Asked Questions
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How should I ship my samples to Cherney?
Shipping your samples correctly ensures that we receive your sample in an acceptable condition for testing. If your sample is too warm, leaks, or is outside the 72 hr testing window (environmental), we are unable to initiate testing which can cause your company money, labor, and valuable time.
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How much sample should I send for testing?
Each of our test methods requires a certain amount of product to weighed out and a dilution prepared. Cherney also asks for extra sample to keep as retention in case additional testing is requested!
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How do I fill out my Analysis Request Form?
Each customer receives their own customized Analysis Request Form (ARF) with tests specific to their needs. To ensure there are no delays in your testing, we ask for you and your team to follow a few steps for filling out and sending your ARF.
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What do my results mean?
When testing is completed, our team will send out a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) with your results. Based on your requested testing, you may have questions on what they mean.
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