Analysis Request Form (ARF) and Sample Submission
Below are some of the questions related to Cherney's Analysis Request Form and Sample Submission process.
How do I fill out my Analysis Request Form?
Your ARF will be specific to your company and the testing that was provided in your quote. Please keep in mind that these are locked and controlled documents. Attempting to edit this document could disrupt the programming and result in the inability to import your ARF causing delays in testing.
    • Make sure that the ARF you are using has the most recent revision date.
    • Add your PO# in the PO Box (if needed).
    • Add the Date into the Date column.
      • This is the date the sample was collected. It does not necessarily mean the date you filled out the ARF
    • Add the Time into the time column (this is the sample collected time)
      • Our ARF only allows a 24 hr time format.
    • Determine if you are submitting the samples to be tested individually or if they will be composited.
      • If you are testing sample(s) individually, enter one description per line and check the box for the test(s) needed for that sample.
        • Ex. See the below link for examples
      • If you are testing as a composite, enter 2-15 descriptions per line and check the box for the test(s) needed.
        • Environmental samples are allowed 2-5 for a composite.
        • Product samples (depending on the sample size) can have 2-15 in a composite.
      • If the samples you are sending require both individual and composite testing, list all individual descriptions and tests followed by the composited descriptions.
    • Make sure when selecting a test on the ARF, you utilize an "X". Our LIMs system does not recognize any other character in the box for analytes.

For an example ARF How To Document, Click Here!

Where do I send my ARF when it's completed?

When an ARF is completed and samples are ready for shipping the ARF is sent to our team here at Cherney in 2 ways.

  1. An emailed copy of the ARF (in Excel Format) to our Sample Entry team at This is used for importing your information into our LIMs system. We do not hand type any descriptions due to the fact that there could be potential for transcription errors. This ensures the most valid entry process.
  2. A hard copy in the box, shipped with your samples. This is used as a verification that the samples we receive match the electronic ARF we were sent.
How do I request a change to my standing ARF?

If at any point you need a change made to your ARF, do not hesitate to contact our Client Services department! Feel free to call us at 920-406-8300, or email us at

These requests can include anything from changing your "Report To" section, adding analytes to your ARF, or adding notes.

How should I ship my samples?

There are a number of different ways you can get your samples to Cherney. Below are some options as well as suggestions to ensure the constitution of your samples.

  • UPS/FedEx
    • For any samples being sent, your best option is to ship them overnight to the lab. If you are local to our lab, you may be able to utilize ground, but it is not guaranteed to get here within the next day range.
      • Refrigerated/Environmental Samples:
        • Always ship in a cooler box or container. ThermoSafe is a trusted provider of durable cooler boxes that we use ourselves.
        • Make sure to include enough ice packs to ensure your samples stay cold during shipping.
          • We recommend 2 small ice packs for a small box, 2 large ice packs for a medium box, and a line of ice packs at the bottom of the box for larger sized boxes.
          • Make sure to not let any samples touch the ice packs. This could potentially freeze them and provide invalid results.
        • Dry/Woven/Pharm Products:
          • Ship in a solid box with bubble wrap. Ensure that the samples are well contained and no leaks.
          • With powdered products, we ask for the samples to not be filled completely to the top. The reason for this is sometimes during shipping they bounce around and leak out the top. 
        • If you are shipping samples for Saturday delivery - be sure to select "Saturday Delivery" during the shipping process and to label your box properly. This can be done either with a marker or a sticker that says "Saturday". If the sticker is not present, UPS and FedEx can miss these packages.
  • Courier Service
    • Cherney provides courier service for many of our customers. Our team provides coolers, drivers, ice packs, and anything else.
      • We pick up your samples on your schedule and can even pick up samples without your team present. We provide secure cooler lockboxes to leave your samples in and our courier grabs the samples on their route.
      • (Contact our Client Services Team for more info)
How much of my product should I send?

How much of your product to send can vary based on the testing you are performing. Below are some guidelines to follow. If it is not below, feel free to contact our Client Services Team for more info!

    • Salmonella genus, Listeria genus/mono, E.coli O157:H7, Cronobacter sakazakii, Staph Enterotoxin
    • Typically these tests will have a marking on the analyte name (25g, 125g, 250g, 375g, etc.) This is the amount that we weigh out from your product and make the proper dilution.
    • We do ask that you send extra product for our retention in case there is additional testing needed or follow up work.
  • Plating (Pour Plates, Petrifilm)
    • Yeast/Mold, Coagulase Positive Staph, Enterobacteriaceae, Coliform/E.coli, etc.
    • Typically we take 11g from a single product to generate a dilution. This can vary if we do more specific testing like Lactic Acid Bacteria. Our suggestion is to send at least 50g for these tests to ensure we have enough as well as retain.
  • Analytical/Chemistry
    • Moisture %, Ash, pH, Salt %, Fat, etc.
    • All Analytical testing we ask for 150g for each product. If you are testing a single product for multiple analytes, we will still only need 150g.
    • Full Nutritional Analysis is the only test that we will need more than 150g. We ask for 500g.
  • Environmental
    • Any test with /sampled area or /Composite in its name. L.genus, Salmonella, Enterobacteriaceae, Yeast/Mold, etc.
    • Environmental Sponges or Swabs are typically in their own containers and need no additional media added by you, the customer. When sampling, we ask that you have 1 swab each for Pathogen (Listeria, Salmonella). Plating can be done with 1 single swab.
      • Ex. If you are testing a site (let's say you test your forklift wheel) for Listeria, Salmonella, Enterobacteriaceae, Yeast/Mold, And Coliform/E.coli - We would ask for 3 Swabs.
        • 1 Salmonella
        • 1 Listeria
        • 1 EB, Yeast/Mold, Coliform/E.coli
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