Bacterial Identification

Method References

Bacterial Identification via VITEK® 2 system
Bacterial Identification via Biolog GEN III system

Sample Size

Submit agar plate/petrifilm with isolated bacterial growth. If growth is not isolated, circle bacterial colony to be identified.
Bacterial Identifications can also be completed directly from product and environmental enrichment samples

Estimated Turn Around Time

Variable- depending on time required for growth

Reporting Unit

Identification provides either Bacterial genus or Bacterial genus and species

Method Description

Samples are struck for fresh growth, incubated, bacterial identification confirmation tests are performed and then the sample is ran on the identification platform.

Additional Information

Bacterial identifications can be helpful when investigating or troubleshooting issues with product or environmental contamination.
When providing a plate or petrifilm sample to Cherney for bacterial identification we would request that you provide us with information regarding growth conditions.
  • What media was the bacteria grown on?
  • How long was it incubated for and at what temperature (degrees C)?
Providing this additional information can help speed up the processing of your bacterial identification.

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