Listeria genus by ELFA*
Listeria genus by PCR*

Method References

ISO 11290 Microbiology of food and animal feeding stuffs - Horizontal method for the detection and enumeration of Listeria

Sample Size

Additional sizes available upon request

Estimated Turn Around Time

48 hours

Reporting Unit

Presumptive or Negative
/g, /mL, /sampled area

Method Description

Samples are enriched, incubated and then ran on the requested platform.

Additional Information

The genus Listeria consists of six major species: L. monocytogenes, L. ivanovii, L. innocua, L. welshimeri, L. seeligeri, and L. grayi. Two species, L. monocytogenes and L. ivanovii, are considered pathogenic for animals, with L. monocytogenes being predominantly associated with human illnesses. All Listeria species are ubiquitously distributed in nature and can often be most often found in moist environments, such as soil, decaying vegetation, sewage, silage, dust, and water.
These procedures are able to detect if Listeria genus is present in a sample.

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