Salmonella genus by ELFA*
Salmonella genus by PCR*
Salmonella USP 62*
Salmonella USP 2022*

Method References

US FDA Bacteriological Analytical Manual
Microbiology of the food chain - Detection of Salmonella ISO 6579
U.S. Pharmacopeia Chapter <62> Microbial Examination of Nonsterile Products: Test for Specific Microorganisms
U.S. Pharmacopeia Chapter <2022> Microbiological Procedures for Absence of Specified Microorganisms – Nutritional and Dietary Supplements

Sample Size

Additional sample sizes available upon request

Estimated Turn Around Time

48 hours
USP - 96 hours

Reporting Unit

Presumptive or Negative /mL, /g, or /sampled area
USP: Presumptive or Negative /10g or /25g

Method Description

Samples are enriched, incubated and then ran on the requested platform.
USP samples are enriched then plated and incubated. Plates are then read and results generated based on presence/absence of typical growth

Additional Information

Salmonella bacteria is the cause of the foodborne illness salmonellosis. There are many different groups, called serotypes, of Salmonella. The serotypes differ in how often they cause illness in people and in what types of food and other places they contaminate. Some serotypes can cause severe illness in people, while other cause milder illness.
These procedures listed above are able to detect if Salmonella genus is present in a sample.

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