Proficiency Testing Programs

Why should I participate in an external testing program?

Benefits of participating in an external proficiency testing program include:

  1. Building confidence in technical staff, management and external users of your laboratory services
  2. Strengthening the credibility and defensibility of laboratory results
  3. Confirming competent performance of methods among technicians in your laboratory
  4. Determining method precision and accuracy by comparing methods and procedures against other participants
  5. An opportunity to investigate areas where future testing could be improved by identifying testing or measurement problems of routine laboratory results
  6. Compliance with requirements of accrediting bodies, regulatory authorities and/or customer specifications

Current Program Offerings

Cherney Micro currently offers as proficiency testing programs to our customers.  For each program, participants may analyze the test items for any or all of the tests specified.  Customers may use methods of their choice to analyze the samples and are encouraged to handle and treat Proficiency Testing samples as routine laboratory samples.

Your proficiency testing performance will be evaluated based on a z’ score for each test you perform, rather than standard deviation. This is a more robust method of evaluating proficiency performance. The use of such statistics reduces the likelihood that your result will be deemed an “outlier.”

At all times your company’s confidentiality is protected. Our customers are assigned alpha numeric codes to allow proficiency testing results to be distributed with anonymity.

Testing Scheme

Sample Matrix

Tests that can be analyzed

Dry Whey

Sweet Whey Powder & Mashed potatoes

Aerobic Plate Count, Ash%, Enterobacteriaceae Count, Fat %, Moisture %, pH, Protein %, Scorched Particles, Titratable Acidity, Total Coliform Count, Yeast & Mold Count (combined)

Basic Microbiology

Mashed potatoes

Aerobic Plate Count, Enterobacteriaceae Count, Total Coliform Count, Yeast & Mold Count (combined), generic E. coli (optional) Count and S. aureus coagulase positive Count (optional)          

Cheese Analytical –

Romano & Parmesan Cheese

Butterfat % (wet basis), Moisture %, pH, Protein %, Salt %

Cheese Analytical -

Cheddar &  Colby Cheese

Butterfat % (wet basis), Moisture %, pH, Protein %, Salt %

Cheese Analytical -
Pasta Filata

Mozzarella & Provolone Cheese

Butterfat % (wet basis), Moisture %, pH, Protein %, Salt %

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