What is our Basic Micro program?
Our proficiency team prepares a sample of Mashed Potatoes, freezes them, and ships them to all of our participants for testing. Once the testing is completed by each participant - results are sent to our team here at Cherney where they are analyzed and placed into a statistical data sheet. We then notify all participants that had unsatisfactory results (based on the recent round of testing) and generate reports.

Basic Micro
Basic Micro Methods
  • Aerobic Plate Count
  • Enterbacteriaceae Count (EB)
  • Total Coliform Count
  • Yeast/Mold Count 
Optional Methods
  • E.coli Count
  • Staph aureus Coagulase Count
What other info should you know?
  • Programs run quarterly and are prorated if an individual chooses not to participate in all four quarters.
  • Participants may analyze the test items for any, or all, of the tests specified for the given program.
  • Cherney will work with our customers to determine if their internal products and methods are comparable to our programs and matrices and help work through any troubleshooting that may arise.
  • Should an unsatisfactory or unacceptable result be produced, customers may choose to participate in our Cherney Recheck program as well.
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Check our 2021 Proficiency schedule for shipping, delivery, result, and report dates

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