• Cheddar Cheese
  • Colby Cheese


Tests Available For Analysis

  • Butterfat Percentage (Wet Basis)
  • Moisture Percentage
  • pH
  • Protein Percentage
  • Salt Percentage
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2020 Second Quarter Key Dates

Shipment Date: Monday, June 01
Delivery Date: Tuesday, June 02
Results Due: Monday, June 08
Estimated Report Distribution: Friday, June 19


Common Participants

  • Lab technicians performing analytical testing on the products their company produces
  • Companies that make Colby, Mild Cheddar or other cheeses that are similar in make to those changes
  • Laboratories accredited to ISO 17025 or required to follow SQF guidelines
  • Companies that are interested in taking a continuous improvement role.
  • Companies that are interested in producing a high quality product.


About This Program

  • Run quarterly
  • Cost prorated based on number of quarters participated 
  • Option to analyze any, or all, testing offered
  • Ability to use methods of choice 
  • Troubleshooting assistance available
  • Recheck program available 

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