Consulting & Auditing

Core Services Offered:

Internal Laboratory Support
Due to their critical part in food safety, we are passionate about helping internal laboratories strengthen expertise, improve processes and resolve issues. Our Technical Resources Team will share decades of experience in the laboratory to reinforce or build your personnel’s general laboratory skills and microbiology knowledge, troubleshoot unexpected test results or proficiency issues, optimize workflow to increase efficiency and provide support for laboratory set-up and expansion. Training topics include:

  • Pathogens and microorganisms pertinent to your company
  • Sample collection, handling & transportation
  • Laboratory skills including dilutions, plating, aseptic technique and result interpretation
  • Good Laboratory Practices

Environmental Monitoring and HACCP Assessments
With increasing regulatory standards and customer expectations, manufacturers need to ensure facility control for food safety. Environmental monitoring programs are a leading indicator of the effectiveness of your sanitation programs and can act as a verification method to show that GMPs are being followed. HACCP addresses food safety through the analysis and control of hazards through all stages of manufacturing, from raw material control to consumption of the finished product. Our Technical Resources Team understands the importance and challenges of these programs and will provide personalized service to meet your objectives.

  • Environmental monitoring program development with procedures, site selection and corrective action plans; documentation review and data/trend analysis
  • On-site audits to identify areas of microbial risk and recommendations for improvement
  • Assistance in developing, reviewing, and auditing Food Safety and HACCP plans and implementing process improvements
  • Audit and provide feedback on quality systems and associated documentation


Technical Resource Team

By partnering with Cherney Microbiological Services, Ltd.’s Technical Resource Team, you can be confident that the food safety and manufacturing issues your company may face will be handled in an effective and timely manner to protect your facility and your brand. We offer reliable guidance, innovative solutions and customized services based on your need or request to improve food safety programs and strengthen quality systems.

Our Technical Resource Team is a diverse, cross-functional group with over fifty combined years of technical education and expertise in food manufacturing, laboratory testing, microbiology, management, process improvement and GMP/ISO quality systems. Each team member is a Certified Food Safety HACCP Manager and trained in HACCP principles, including prerequisite programs, hazard analysis, control measures, verification and continuous improvement.  We also have added an FSPCA Qualified Individual and Lead Instructor for Preventive Controls for Human Food to the team. 

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